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Agility is at the heart of Aura’s application development services. We understand that change is what software development is very much about. As an agile team, we are able to respond quickly to changes – whether changes in the software being built or changes because of technology. Aura can provide you with custom solutions, add-ons to industry standard software packages or interfaces allowing one software product to transfer data to another.

Custom Solutions – Aura’s programmers have experience in oil and gas, manufacturing, distribution, finance, biotechnology and logistics. We will match your requirements to a programmer with the experience that fits your industry to provide you with the shortest development time possible. Additionally, your development time is reduced as we have a large library of solutions that may be slightly modified to fit your requirements.

Add-Ons – You have chosen an application to support you business. However, there are one or two requirements that could be improved. Aura has programmers that specialize in integrating solutions with industry standard applications to provide the 100% fit you are looking for.

Data Transfer – Often a database solution is selected and end users are limited to the reporting tools offered by the database solution. Everything your users were comfortable with using before, such as Excel spreadsheets, seem to be lost due to the data being locked in a new database. Aura will assist your organization in accessing your database with familiar tools by providing solutions that allow you to transfer or access the data from your corporate database.

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