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BPI has become a buzzword in several organizations - struggling to cope with inefficiencies and redundancies resulting in high operations costs. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, it is of vital importance that work flows through an organization as efficiently as possible in order to achieve long term success.

Aura now provides the business services that build visual models illustrating the current workflow process of your organization and shows where improvement and development can take place. Our proven techniques for identifying, modeling and redesigning business processes, aid in defining system requirements and brings the two distinct disciplines of management and information technology together to assist your organization in maintaining its competitive edge.

Our BPI consultants scrutinize everything from planning and systems integration to examination of functional areas to assess your current processes. Looking outside your organization and your core competencies, we determine your critical success factors so that we can recommend the most appropriate courses of action.

You can benefit from the experience of our BPI team. Our consultants possess specialized knowledge and experience in strategy and operations resulting in implementable recommendations for our clients.

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