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Disaster Recovery Strategies

Gartner estimates that less than 25% of large enterprises have comprehensive BCP programs, and just 50% have comprehensive disaster recovery programs. (March, 2004)

The objective of a disaster recovery plan is to get your company operational in a logical, efficient order after being affected by a disaster. A disaster could be external (such as a hurricane) or internal (fire). If your success is critical to the intellectual property of a few key people, a disaster may be the loss of those individuals.

Aura has business and IT experts that will help identify mission-critical applications and develop a set of processes to initiate in the event of a disaster.

During this project, we will also train your team to properly manage these processes manage when disaster occurs.

Trust Aura when it comes to protection of your mission-critical assets, trust us to keep connections you have with customers and suppliers remain private and most importantly, trust us so that your defenses are flexible, scalable, properly engineered and robust.

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