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FieldViewTM is a solution developed specifically for Environmental Services (ES) companies. The nature of their services demands a clear and accurate flow of information within the company and through to their clients. FieldViewTM has been developed to improve the flow of information from Field to Customer, increase data accuracy, reduce the delivery time from the point of the initial sale to final billing and allow ES Companies to deliver to their clients beyond what any of their competitors are able.

FieldViewTM consists of 3 modules, Field Module, Administration Module and a Web Portal. The field module has been designed to allow field technicians to capture data at each well site. This replaces much of the current manual paperwork that field technicians are required to complete. The administration module contains a complete history of every environmental activity for ES customers. When a job is closed off by a Field Technician it enters the administration queue for verification and invoice processing.

The Web portal has been designed as an alternative for technicians to update data and allow customers to review their environmental reports. Customers may download completed reports or just review them on-line. The portal has been configured to handle 20,000 consecutive customer requests and can be expanded to handle 100,000 such requests at a time.

In summary FieldViewTM has been designed using the best available technologies for each user. This has improved data accuracy, increased fault tolerance, improved information flow and shortened the delivery cycle from initial sale to invoice production.


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