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SeaFundsTM is based on a hosted services model. The application is stored and managed at a highly secure data-center and provided to the client over the Internet via per month, per user pricing model. SeaFundsTM provides its customers with all the necessary hardware and software, a secure network infrastructure, reliable data center facilities, and an on-call staff of IT experts to manage everything – support, maintenance, security and upgrades.

This hosted solution model allows our customers to significantly reduce the need to hire educated expensive labor to maintain and administer SeaFundsTM. Additionally, you do not have to build the infrastructure to run SeaFundsTM giving you a cost effective alternative to having an in-house solution. Leading industry analysts estimate that using a hosted solution provides cost savings of 30% to 60% over traditional implementation models.

Advantages from our hosted solution are:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Lower Start-up and implementation costs
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Release of capital resulting in a gain in cash infusion
  • Access to world class capabilities and resources not available in house
  • Worry free maintenance and management
  • Improving a function that the company finds difficult to manage
  • The ability to instantly network disparate departments or groups

As part of our Service Level Agreement you receive:

  • A secure hosted environment
  • Access to SeaFundsTM as if it were in-house
  • Dynamic upgrades as new features are developed
  • Multiple components, Sales, Marketing, Web based applications
  • Integration of various components providing a 360 degree view of the customer

SeaFunds’s value proposition is that it has been built to integrate all of your departments under one database, is housed in a secure reliable data centre and instantly provides management reporting.

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