Cyberstorage Protection

Cyberstorage Protection

Stop Ransomware in Real Time

Actively defend your primary file data from ransomware, malicious insiders, and advanced persistent threats in real-time.


Simply put, Cyberstorage is secure data storage.

Cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated, imaginative, and well-organized. As a result, it is critical that businesses take a proactive and comprehensive approach to protecting their data, applications, and systems.

Actively stop ransomware attacks in real-time.

BrickStor SP: Software Defined Cyberstorage

Leading IT analysts say traditional network-attached storage (NAS), scale-out file systems, and backup solutions provide inadequate protection from modern ransomware, malicious insiders, and data theft. RackTop’s Cyberstorage solution not only provides unified block and file services but also detects and prevents attacks on your data before it impacts your business. No matter the workload, your data is safe without sacrificing performance, security, or compliance.

Recovery alone is not enough.

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